With Topher the Eco-Arborist, all your tree care needs can be taken care of, usually without having to rent expensive equipment. Topher has a unique skill and passion for climbing tall things- like mountains, icicles, and of course trees! He combines his climbing abilities with knowledge of ropes, knots, and tree wood density and texture. This means better care for your trees, and less impact on your home environment.

Here are the primary services Topher offers:

  • Tree Pruning– climbing trees, selecting old, weak, and cluttered branches, precisely trimming them, and gently lowering large logs to the ground
  • Branch Cabling– assessing if a branch or twin trunk tree needs extra support, and installing with care the Cobra cabling system
  • Tree Health Inspections– finding and removing girdling roots, examining for rot, insects, and other hazards to healthy trees, recommending the best care and eco-friendly methods for fertilization and longevity
  • Tree Removals– when necessary, cutting and hauling away trees that have fallen or have great potential to fall and damage property or people

Other services Topher is skilled in:

  • Running Bobcats, Woodchippers, and Demolition Equipment
  • Roofing and Light Carpentry
  • Rigging Technical Hanging Art Installations
  • Sustainable Logging with Horses
  • Installing Chimney Liners