Smash Removal

When this tree fell on their home, the owners made the right decision to call on Topher!

up high

Tree Job Highlights

A sampling of different jobs- mostly large trees Topher has successfully taken down.

Cables ready!

Pruning & Cabling

A great series of Topher climbing multiple trees- cabling and pruning branches.

A haircut!

Live Oak Haircut

What happens when your Live Oak looks like a bush, and Topher gives it some love…


Cabling Up High

In these shots from wintertime, Topher professionally cables a beautiful old tree.

Chainsaw power!

Fractal Firewood

During a Vermont music festival, we found Topher heading up the firewood crew.

Setting up the processor

Nairobi Biodiesel

A couple shots from Topher’s Nairobi Biodiesel project in Kenya (

More shingles!

More Talents!

Roofing, building, hanging out with horses… check out some more skills of the Toph!