What makes Eco-Arborist an “eco” company?

Here are some of the ways Topher authentically lives out his environmental principals:

  • Tree Health Prioritized– whenever possible, Topher advocates for letting trees live by taking steps to give trees the support they need- whether it’s by cabling branches, fertilizing, or pruning branches
  • Grease Truck– travel to jobs, and traveling in general, is uniquely eco for Topher- his big white truck runs on used vegetable oil collected from local restaurants after they fry food (the photo shows him fueling up in a field!)
  • Biodiesel too– if it’s available, biodiesel is used instead of diesel fuel for starting the truck (grease needs a couple minutes to warm up, so all vegetable oil converted vehicles still have to start on diesel)
  • Low Consumption Living– by making unique lifestyle choices, Topher consumes less resources, striving to make his personal footprint lower whenever possible and upholding his college degree’s values: Climate Change and the Environment at UMass Amherst
  • Cooperative & Community Focused– over the years Topher has helped form living/working communities and set up worker cooperatives, including training other eco-minded tree climbers and arborists

Please check out the Altruism page for more examples of environmental sustainability projects Topher has initiated.