When Topher isn’t climbing and caring for trees, you can often find him caring for other people. A huge part of Topher’s concern for the environment includes his concern for humankind.

Here are some of the ways that Topher has volunteered his time and resources over the years:

  • Nairobi Biodiesel– teaching disadvantaged Rwandese and Kenyan guys in Nairobi how to create biodiesel from waste vegetable oil, and ultimately handing over a functioning business model for them to have financial autonomy and green energy (learn more here)
  • Sustainable Communities– helping organize environmentally conscious communities in Charlotte, North Carolina and Worcester, Massachusetts, including donating biodiesel equipment for community use
  • Hurricane Katrina– volunteering for over a year in New Orleans by helping clean up fallen trees, wrecked automobiles, and participating in grassroots community organizing
  • College Activism– coordinating events and direct actions, including anti-war marches and attending Powershift, during his years at UMass Amherst