Idealist. Environmentalist. Arborist.

That’s Topher Mira!

When he was 15 a firewood company hired Topher in his hometown- Charlton, Massachusetts. He learned to split logs and run chainsaws. Like any good young employee, Topher did what he was told, until one day. The orders were to clearcut a stand of small birch trees. At that moment Topher made a choice to be true to his values. He would not cut trees needlessly. He walked off the job.

Topher focused his energy on becoming a conscious arborist. Topher is mindful and respectful, and the Earth is his first priority.

What does this mean?

Topher is honest about how to give your trees the longest and healthiest lives. If a tree needs to be taken down for safety reasons, then Topher takes the utmost care in doing so- considering both the needs of the customer and the life of the tree. Before he removes a tree, he honors it’s life with a spiritual gratefulness and small ritual. No matter the job, he brings awareness and strong environmental values.

Whether you have questions about what sorts of trees to plant, or a storm just crashed a branch on your home, Topher can help! Contact him for a free estimate.